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Prof. Mino Caira travelled to the University of Pavia, Italy in March where he was hosted by Prof. F Ferrari, and presented the first session of a teaching workshop. He was then hosted by Dr. M Sorrenti in the Department of Drug Sciences, where he carried out research activities. He completed his trip with the second session of the teaching workshop and presented a seminar in a Masters Course entitled "Preformulation, Pharmaceutical Development and Control of Medicines", his contribution being, "Solid State Characterization of Drugs".

Dr. Dyanne Cruickshank travelled to the U.K. in April to spend 2 months working with Professor Karen Edler, in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bath. She was working on the synthesis of silica-based mesoporous hosting systems and evaluating their structure and also assessing the inclusion ability of these host materials for a selection of photochromic dye molecules. They intend to publish a paper on this collaborative work.

Prof. Mino Caira travelled to Cordoba, Argentina, where he presented an invited plenary lecture, related to his recent research, at the 13th Latin American Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (CLAFQO13), held in Cordoba, Argentina from 17 – 21 May. The meeting was intended to be a forum for discussion of the main current scientific research subjects and future trends, and also to foster future collaborations between research groups from Latin-America and other countries.

Prof. Susan Bourne was invited by The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, to attend the IUPAC project meeting and workshop, entitled "Topology representations in coordination networks, metal-organic frameworks and other crystalline materials" to be held in Samara, Russia in May.

The 29th European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM29) is being held in Rovinj, Croatia from 23 to 28 August 2015 and Prof. Susan Bourne, Dr. Clive Oliver, Dr. Eustina Batisai, Ms. Francoise Amombo Noa and Dr. Gaelle Ramon are all attending and presenting either papers or posters.

Prof. Luigi Nassimbeni visited the crystallography laboratories of Prof. Parson at the University of Edinburgh, UK from 20 - 23 July, before travelling to the Department of Chemistry and Biology, University of Salerno, Italy, where he presented a seminar, at the invitation of Prof. Consiglia Tedesco. Prof. Nassimbeni then visited Prof. Dario Braga in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bologna, Italy and from there, he moved on to Pontebba, where he consulted with Prof. Helmut Tributsch. Finally, he travelled to Warsaw, Poland, where he and his student, Merrill Wicht, attended the International Seminar on Inclusion Compounds (ISIC15) from 17 - 21 August. Prof. Nassimbeni was an invited speaker. Merrill Wicht then travelled to Rovinj, where she attended the ECM29 and presented a poster.

Savannah Zacharias travelled to Skukuza, in the Kruger National Park, to attend the Indaba8 Meeting from 16-21 August, were she presented a poster.

Prof. Susan Bourne and Christelle Dzesse Tekouo will be attending the ASSAf-TWAS ROSSA Annual South African Young Scientists' Conference in Johannesburg, in September.

Prof. Mino Caira will be attending the 4th European Conference on Cyclodextrins (EUROCD2015) in Lille, France in October, where he will present a paper.