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Name Degree Supervisors Thesis Title  
Ms. Gadija Akleker PhD Oliver/Caira

Physicochemical studies of porous materials

Email: AKLGAD001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Savannah Zacharias PhD Bourne/Ramon

Chiral metal-organic frameworks

Email: ZCHSAV001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Richard Payne PhD Oliver

Crystal engineering of large supramolecular assemblies

Email: PYNRIC001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Terence Noonan PhD Caira/Bourne

Supramolecular derivatisation of established drugs and new drug candidates

Email: NNNTER002@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Razan Ahmed Hussain PhD Chibale/Caira

Integration of Medicinal Chemistry, Computer-Aided Drug Design and Supramolecular Derivatisation in Anti-tuberculosis Drug Discovery.

Email: HSSRAZ004@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2557


Ms. Francoise Amombo Noa PhD Nassimbeni/Bourne

Halogen-Halogen interactions in Host-Guest systems

Email: AMMFRA002@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Laurelle Joseph PhD Caira/Chibale

Physicochemical Characterisation in Pre-formulation of New Drug Leads

Email: JSPLAU002@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Nicola Dare PhD Egan/Bourne

Using metal-organic frameworks to investigate the interaction of ferrihaem with antimalarials

Email: DRXNIC002@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Anjali Das PhD Bourne/Dalcanale

Fluorescent CB[8] ternary complexes

Email: DSXANJ003@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Khadijah Dauda PhD Jackson/Caira

Metal complexes of Anti-Tubercular (TB) drugs

Email: DDXKHA001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Paul Njaria PhD Chibale/Caira

Benzoheterocycles against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Supramolecular Derivatization

Email: NJRPAU002@myuct.ac.za

Phone +27 -21 650 2557

Mr. C  Adrien Ndamyabera PhD Bourne/Oliver

Porous metal-organic frameworks for sorption of volatile organics

Email: NDMCHR@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562


Ms. Nicole Sykes PhD Nassimbeni

Separation of alcohol isomers by Host-Guest Chemistry

Email: SYKNIC001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Chad Wilkinson MSc Chibale/Caira

Synthesis, structure-activity relationships and supramolecular derivatization of a series of pyrido[1,2-a]benzimidazoles as antimalarials

Email: WLKCHA003@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Alexios Vicatos MSc Caira

Preparation and charterisation of multi-component systems in drug formulation

Email: VCTALE001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Nolwazi Gcwensa MSc Oliver


Ms. Jacky Bouanga Boudiombo MSc Nassimbeni/Bourne

Selectivity of isomers by host-guest chemistry

Email: BNGJAC002@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -021 650 2562

Mr. Marcello Mutti MSc Oliver/

Email: MTTMAR032@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Andrea Sala MSc Caira/Bacchi

Supramolecular derivatisation of bioactive molecules via co-crystallization and cyclodextrin inclusion complexation

Email: SLXAND003@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562