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Name Degree Supervisors Thesis Title  
Mr. Richard Payne PhD Oliver

Crystal engineering of large supramolecular assemblies

Email: PYNRIC001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Terence Noonan PhD Caira/Bourne

Supramolecular derivatisation of established drugs and new drug candidates

Email: NNNTER002@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Razan Ahmed Hussain PhD Chibale/Caira

Integration of Medicinal Chemistry, Computer-Aided Drug Design and Supramolecular Derivatisation in Anti-tuberculosis Drug Discovery.

Email: HSSRAZ004@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2557

Ms. Laurelle Joseph PhD Caira/Chibale

Physicochemical Characterisation in Pre-formulation of New Drug Leads

Email: JSPLAU002@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Nicola Dare PhD Egan/Bourne

Using metal-organic frameworks to investigate the interaction of ferrihaem with antimalarials

Email: DRXNIC002@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Anjali Das PhD Bourne/Dalcanale

Fluorescent CB[8] ternary complexes

Email: DSXANJ003@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Khadijah Dauda PhD Jackson/Caira

Metal complexes of Anti-Tubercular (TB) drugs

Email: DDXKHA001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. C  Adrien Ndamyabera PhD Bourne/Oliver

Porous metal-organic frameworks for sorption of volatile organics

Email: NDMCHR@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Nicole Sykes PhD Nassimbeni

Separation of alcohol isomers by Host-Guest Chemistry

Email: SYKNIC001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Chad Wilkinson MSc Chibale/Caira

Synthesis, structure-activity relationships and supramolecular derivatization of a series of pyrido[1,2-a]benzimidazoles as antimalarials

Email: WLKCHA003@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Alexios Vicatos MSc Caira

Preparation and charterisation of multi-component systems in drug formulation

Email: VCTALE001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Nolwazi Gcwensa MSc Oliver

Structural and porosity studies of mixed-ligand metal-organic frameworks


Phone: +27 -021 650 2562

Ms. Jacky Bouanga Boudiombo MSc Nassimbeni/Bourne

Selectivity of isomers by host-guest chemistry

Email: BNGJAC002@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -021 650 2562

Mr. Marcello Mutti MSc Oliver/Pelagatti

Marcello is one of five Italian Masters students hailing from Parma University, who is pursuing a joint MSc degree between UCT and the University of Parma. His co-supervisor in Parma is Prof. Paolo Pelagatti and he is working on the synthesis, characterisation and sorption analyses of mixed-ligand metal-organic frameworks. 

Email: MTTMAR032@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Andrea Sala MSc Caira/Bacchi

Supramolecular derivatisation of bioactive molecules via co-crystallization and cyclodextrin inclusion complexation.

Andrea Sala is one of five Italian Masters students hailing from Parma University, where they commenced their studies. He is currently completing the experimental stage of his MSc theses with our group. Andrea’s supervisor in Parma is Professor Alessia Bacchi and the aim of the project is the synthesis of new solid forms of selected medicinal compounds and their characterization using physicochemical methods.

Email: SLXAND003@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Ms. Emma Tiffin MSc Nassimbeni / Ravenscroft

The Separations of Picoline Isomers by Host-Guest Chemistry

Email: TFFEMM001@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562

Mr. Marco Bardini MSc Bourne/Bacchi

Effect of anion and solvent coordination in single and dual ligand Cu(II) MOFs

Email: BRDMAR036@myuct.ac.za

Phone: +27 -21 650 2562